by Ron and Eric Battiston  A father-son team from Northern Canada with over one million safe winter driving miles under their belts. We share with you the information and techniques that you must know to be safe on winter roads. Surprisingly most of these techniques work on summer roads too! We start off with a real story about how we drove across Canada in the dead of winter and what we saw. 

Every day in Canada approximately 6 people are killed on our roads and dozens are injured. In the USA there are over ten times the deaths and injuries each day. We show you solutions that will greatly reduce these tragedies and save billions of dollars in property damages and medical costs. We want to save your life! This is our car in our driveway in 2017. We also have a picture of it on our book! Same spot same snow!

If you know a driver please forward this website to them. They will thank you for it and be much safer on our winter roads! If you have a family member or friend or employee who drives give them a copy of this book. This website explains why this is a good idea!

The cover of our book shows our car on a typical winter day in Northern Canada. Trust me it is very typical from November to April!  

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Some people drive in winter weather but really are not ready or even dressed for it and all the dangers winter brings...Possibly they will be lucky but often that is not the case.

There are times that chains are a good idea but in winter you really need snow tires and a vehicle that can drive safely in snow conditions. And you need clothing for winter conditions...On a warm winter day this installation could be possible but at -35C with a wind chill no way. 

The idea for this handbook began when the two Authors drove from Victoria, BC to North Bay, Ontario in February in the worst part of winter. The driving conditions were great at the beginning of the trip but hideous as the trip went on and we saw dozens of accidents some of them very serious with the loss of lives. At one point the road conditions were pure ice and in another we drove thru white outs with zero visibility. Do you know how scary it is to be driving in zero visibility when an 18 wheeler truck passes you and you can't see anything for about ten seconds!  We included a story of that trip with pictures as an introduction. And we saw accidents everywhere even including professional drivers who are some of Canada's best. Surely there are ways to stop this and this is what our book is all about. We want to save your life! 

When you end up in a ditch upside down often the top of your car is crushed which is not good for you or your passengers. In fact even with a seat belt on you are totally screwed. We show you how to avoid situations like this. 

We systematically offer you dozens of winter driving techniques that you could apply to greatly reduce your chances of an accident. And we tell you the truth -we are not "politically correct".

On page 118 we tell you what a Coroners survey discovered that over 33% of fatal traffic accidents in Canada were caused by drinking and driving! And since we published our second edition in 2011 distracted driving is causing even more accidents than drinking and driving. We also gave some tough suggestions on how to solve that problem. We explained to you how it was impossible not to hit a deer on our highways at night in reduced visibility if you traveled at the posted highway speeds. We show you the proof. Are you aware that in North America there are over 1.25 million animal strikes every year with Elk, Deer and Moose! Over 200 people die every year in these strikes alone.  We also show you the proof of what happens when you get into an accident with a small car and a larger vehicle. And this is something that small car makers do not want you to know and will never tell you. And the media won't report on it because they make millions from ads from car makers. 

Every time a car maker posts an ad the media gets a little richer and do you really think that they will tell you that some of those cars are unsafe? In nearly all cases they do not even identify the car models involved in accidents. In fact on TV in many ads they show vehicles swerving down winter highways with proud owners smiling. Not a good idea.

Winter accidents can happen in a few seconds and sometimes over a hundred vehicles will be involved often with many serious injuries and huge dollar amounts of damages. They can be prevented!

There were 104 vehicles in this winter collision and had they all read our handbook there would have been none! Every time I see a picture like this with ambulances taking away the injured and dead I feel so frustrated. This is why we wrote the book. Accidents like this do not need to happen. You simply need to change how you drive on winter roads! 

We list specific techniques and knowledge that you need to safely drive in the winter. We tell you precisely what you need to know without the political correctness that is often seen in government publications or in auto magazines where editors are fearful of insulting their advertisers.

You might feel safe in your truck and you might like deer but the two don't mix well when a deer jumps in front of you. A moose is much worse! It can all happen in one second. And manufacturers will never tell you how fragile their vehicles are when it comes to a Deer, Elk or even worse a MOOSE!

This moose went right thru the passenger compartment of the car. A Moose has very long legs so the body is the part that impacts your vehicle via your windshield. It can all happen in two seconds. We show you how to avoid it. A moose will often just stand there and not move or it will step into your vehicle. Moose are known for destroying the passenger compartment and causing serious injuries or death to the occupants. And in areas where there are moose or deer crossing signs DO NOT TAILGATE because this causes even more accidents when animal strikes occur. 

The more research we did the more we were convinced that if you adopted the techniques that you would NOT have an accident on winter roads.

Every day our first responders deal with emergencies caused by traffic accidents. Sometime they can save your life and sometimes not. In the world we lose over 1,000,000 people a year in road related accidents (over 2000 in Canada) and most of them could be avoided if people improved their driving skills. 

We do realize that many drivers in the North feel that they are good winter drivers. But here is the problem. There are lots of winter driving accidents and even if you are a good driver there are techniques that you can adopt that will eliminate your chances of being involved in an accident with another driver who might not be as good as you! Both professional drivers and regular drivers will find this handbook very useful.  The handbook would make an excellent gift for your employees and family members and friends. Every time they read it they will thank you!

An accident can happen instantly in less than a second and the media never informs you what really happens because they don't want to make you feel bad. A fatal accident is a tragedy for the victims, family, friends and first responders and police. And they can be prevented. We show you how in our handbook. We don't want you to be a victim like this poor man in the crashed vehicle. If our media showed what really happens in vehicle accidents we would all be horrified but I suggest that people would then drive safer. 

Life is very precious. But on world highways every year over one million people are killed and millions more injured. In Canada we lose on average 6 people a day during the winter months with dozens seriously injured many with life changing injuries. More accidents occur on winter roads than any other roads. This results in billions of dollars of medical and vehicle costs. We can stop that!


You really need to know this fact. The biggest problem on winter roads is NOT the weather. The biggest problem is that there is a surprising percentage of drivers who do not understand how to drive on these roads. So even if you drive safely these people will cause accidents. You need to know how to avoid them! We show you how!

First of all they travel at speeds over the posted highway speeds. The posted speeds are ONLY for dry summer pavements. On snow covered roads you must slow down. Secondly the bad drivers will tailgate you. So if you suddenly must stop they will run into you. And this happens frequently on crowded winter highways were dozens of cars are sometimes involved in just one multiple vehicle accident.

And it even gets worse. Distracted driving is now a huge problem and it causes more accidents than drinking and driving. After driving safely for many decades my conclusion is that the percentage of bad drivers on our roads is approximately 35% of the drivers. This is horrible. They should not have their driver's license. Our drivers absolutely must have additional training and testing on their ability to travel on winter roads. So they are out there. You must be aware of this fact and if you read and follow the directions in our book you will be able to avoid nearly every winter accident. Life is too precious to lose it on a road because of the way some bad driver drives.  You will encounter incidents on winter roads when you should keep off them. It may be for a few hours or even a couple of days at a time.  Anyway that is a peek into our book. We show you dozens of ways to avoid accidents and we hope that you obtain a copy of our book. 

How to Purchase The Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook

Our handbook is available in printed and e-book format.

Ron Battiston, Eric Battiston Authors- Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook ed2  ISBN 9781894241076

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Accident Photos in Canada  Here are some photos and stories and its very interesting to see how specific models stand up in accidents. It will change your minds on which vehicles to buy! These pictures and their stories do not usually make it into your local media. This is reality. 

You Tube Video of winter driving accidents in the USA - it would be a really good idea if these drivers studied our handbook!

Bull Run Rally Scheduled for July 10th -July 17th From New York City and ending in Austin Texas 7 days later. The participants are also in the Cops Cars and Super Stars TV show. Entry fees $20,000 Note there is also the Bull Run Reality TV Show where 12 teams participate in a 10 part TV show with a $200,000 grand prize. After having watched several of the TV episodes it seems that one attracts a handful of speeding tickets on this one and lots of celebrities participate and a huge amount of money is spent by participants. 

List of Road Rally Clubs  An excellent resource with many road rally clubs and events listed

Cuts to Virginia's rest areas - interesting when a jurisdiction decides to safe money by closing rest areas. The issues are the same in Canada when a Province neglects to establish or under funds rest areas and drivers die as a result. Who is really saving money here? 

Winter Road Crash site.  One car landed on it's nose and stayed there! Interesting video.

Where are we from? We are located in North Bay Ontario which is called the "Gateway of the North" We understand snow and driving in it! WE have snow on our highways here for up to seven months every year! 

The Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook shows how we drove over 4,000 km (2,500 miles) from sunny Victoria, British Columbia to our home in North Bay, Ontario in February in the dead of winter and after seeing dozens of accidents several of them fatal, we decided to try and help solve the winter driving problem. Please help by purchasing the book for your family, friends and employees and together we can help save thousands of lives and prevent billions of dollars of medical expenses and property damage. And many of the ideas work quite well in summer driving too! 

Ron Battiston -Publisher

 Thanks for visiting our site! Safe Driving!!

And here is a picture of our driveway on April 7th 2016. The car in front is our Alfa Romeo sports car a fantastic vehicle and in the back is our all wheel drive GMC Yukon which is built like a tank and both are covered with a foot of snow that fell in 24 hours. This is why we know what we are talking about when it comes to winter driving! We understand snow in North Bay!


We would greatly appreciate any help that you can give us to help us market our book and give copies to schools and young drivers. All funds from your donations will be used for this purpose. The more people that read and apply the ideas in our book the less accidents and injuries we will have on our winter roads. Thanks!